Nashin G Series range of performance brake kits have been specifically developed for use on road, track and under race conditions.

With any brake system, strength is always a key ingredient to reliable and continuous stopping power. Nashin chooses to use T6-6066 aluminium for the caliper body. T6-6066 is far superior in tensile elongation and hardness when compared to the more commonly used T6-6061. It also provides improved durability under temperature changes, reducing the risk of deformation under the most extreme conditions. In addition, each G-Series caliper also undergoes strict hardening process which adds further strength to the caliper body whilst offering a hard shell to protect against weathering, salt and extreme temperatures. 

Each performance brake kit consists of the following components:

  • Forged brake caliper pair available in 4 and 6 piston configurations.

  • Caliper to hub mounting brackets & matching bolt kit.

  • Brake line kit featuring: Stainless Steel PTFE lined hose, stainless steel fixed hose ends and universal locators for retaining the brake line to the suspension leg.

  • Option of either a one or two piece floating disc arrangement. If ordered with floating disc arrangement; rotors are supplied pre-assembled, ready to fit with the correct torque settings applied to the mounting bolts.