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215/60R16 Dunlop Ensave EC300+ Japan

The ENASAVE EC300 + push-button tire features three features :

- Soft, comfortable, new tread pattern. Reduce noise while driving.

- Extend lifespan 20% longer with consistent tread contact pressure distribution. Reduce wear and tear.

- Helps save 20% more fuel with new tires. Multi-Functionalized Polymer reduces rotation resistance. Let the car run far more.

ENASAVE EC300 + is a new alternative to energy-saving tires. New standard tires are accepted and trusted. The new car tire factory (OEM) from leading car manufacturers such as MAZDA 2, HONDA BRIO AMAZE, HONDA BR-V, TOYOTA YARIS and ALTIS.

Suitable for use as a replacement tire for the original car. It is suitable for small cars. Covered up to large passenger cars. Ideal for those who are looking for comfort and economical to you.

215/60R16 Dunlop Ensave EC300+ Japan

$139.00 Regular Price
$125.10Sale Price
  • What's Included?

    - Complimentary Tyre rotation / Patching / Top up gas for the lifetime of tyres purchased and changed with us.

    - Prices quoted are inclusive of prevailing GST charges, tyre balancing and installation charges.

  • FREE Car Servicing

    Get a FREE car servicing (4L Shell 5W40 / CWorks synthetic engine oil) with the purchase of 4 pieces passenger car tyres in a single receipt!

    - Free car servicing is transferable to other vehicles AND can be used at a later date.

    (2 years validity period.)

    *T&Cs apply

  • Please Note:

    Price stated is nett per tyre. Price is only valid for a minimum purchase of 2 pieces tyres. For single tyre purchase, please contact our office for a price quotation.
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