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Nashin N Series N3 Big 4 Pot 345mm (18")

The full Nashin N Series Big Brake Kit set includes one set of Nashin calipers, brake pads, rotors, stainless steel brake hoses (SSBH), brackets and all necessary mounting accessories. Price quoted is inclusive of installation and prevailing GST charges.


Nashin BBKs are from Taiwan. We have been distributing and installing Nashin BBKs for more than 10 years now. They have their own factory in Taiwan, R&D team and race team. Everything done in house, from design, development, tooling, casting/forging, machining and assembly. All the components of Nashin big brake kit have been tested to the highest standards, manufactured with quality materials and passed several critical quality checks throughout the manufacturing process.

Nashin is ISO9001 certified and TUV compliant.

Feel free to check out Nashin BBKs on display at our showroom. Our team can also provide more information about Nashin bbk in greater detail. Should you require new tyres/rims with Nashin BBK, we will defs work out a special package for your consideration. 😊

Nashin N Series N3 Big 4 Pot 345mm (18")

  • Nashin Ordering Process

    1. Interested in getting your Nashin Big Brake Kit? Come by the workshop to take some measurements to ensure fitment! Clearance also depends on the design of your rims.

    2. Before you commit to your set of Nashin BBK, our team will love to discuss and share more information about Nashin, and answer any questions you may have. We will also show you the Nashin calipers and colours available for your selection. 

    3. Once you are ready, installation begins!

    4. Nashin has brake kits for over 200 different vehicles. However we do not stock for all applications. If your kit is not available, indent order is required. This generally takes approximately 30 working days. Nashin will ship your the kit earlier if production is completed earlier. It is worth the wait - we promise. 

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