Incorporated in 1980, CLH Tyres Trading started as a tyres service centre for trucks. Our main business focus then was on retail servicing of truck tyres. Over the years, we expanded into fleet service and later diversified into the import and export of tyres, due to overwhelming demand.

In late 1990, we opened our second service centre which focuses mainly on accessories and modification, servicing and maintenance of passenger cars. In May 2007, we opened our third servicing centre for trucks. 

Moving ahead, we have plans to open up more service centres in order to provide our customers and supporters with our efficient and timely service. We look forward to the continuous support from both our customers and business partners alike.





At CLH Tyres, we pride ourselves on providing quality workmanship, professionalism and good customer service. We have been changing, improvising on our products and services, and revising the prices over the years so as to offer our valued customers an acceptable level of service, prices and product range.

Maximise the lifespan and value of your car with regular car servicing at CLH Tyres! We aim to provide quality vehicle servicing at a competitive price. Our expert mechanics are trained to service any make and model of car using the latest techniques and diagnostic equipment.

Our service centre also focuses on tyres, rims, car services, repairs and accessories. For car enthusiasts looking for performance enhancing gadgets and parts, such as sporty coil overs and brake hoses, head down to our showroom to find out more!