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Nashin Big Brake Kit, Rotors, Brake Pads

Where Nashin excel when compared to the competition is in its commitment to extensive R&D, new material testing and the constant strive to be world leaders in quality and performance.


Choice of materials are the most crucial ingredients when producing reliable brake discs/rotors. Nashin purchase their raw material from Brazil where the material specification is FC-25. This specification means that the 1 square millimetre of iron must be able to raise 25KG of weight. Material sources that originate from China, India or Russia is usually FC-20 to FC-22, which in simple terms means that the level of strength is far less.

Nashin is one of only a handful of manufacturers in the world who are able to produce brake rotors in high cast carbon. So what is high cast carbon and what are the advantages?

High cast carbon is a mixture of a high quality steel combined with carbon. The results of combining these two materials means that the brake discs are far more friction coefficient when compared to normal steel. In short; expansion rates of high carbon are far less than those of normal steel. For example, when standard steel rotors (found in the majority of performance brake kits) reach around 500C, they can expand by as much as 1.2-1.5mm. The equivalent Nashin disc produced in high carbon will expand around 0.45mm - this means Nashin brake rotors are able to withstand higher levels of stress and temperature without excessive material expansion or distortion. 

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