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Each Nashin Performance Brake Kit is inclusive of Nashin Sports Pad. However Nashin also offers a wide range of optional brake pads, each designed for different driving stlyes or environments. 

Nashin Eco Brake Pads - Our entry level brake pad which is directly comparable to a standard OE road going brake pad. Suitable for daily commuting and an everyday driving style. Not recommended for excessive heavy braking / track day use. 

Nashin Sports Brake Pad - Designed to be suitable for road use (but with a heavier metallic compound), our Sports pad is designed for fast road and track use. The "Sports" pad offers good initial bite from cold with extended high temperature fade resistance under heavy braking. Dust is slightly more when compare to Nashin Eco brake pads.

Nashin Sports+ Brake Pads - Produced with competition in mind, Nashin red brake pads have been specifically created for fast road, track and circuit use. Providing an impressive bite from the moment the flag drops, Nashin red brake pads will continue to perform even when the temperature rises. Can be used on road, however, expect the brake squeal due to the harder compound material. 

Nashin Competition Brake Pads - The ultimate brake pads created for high level competition use, where continuous heavy braking and excessive brake temperatures are a common factor. With a high ceramic content, Nashin gold brake pads are formulated to be at their optimum performance capability between 270 - 800 degrees. Not suitable for road use, strictly for competition.

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